They wanted to talk about the “exchange”.

17 Feb

They wanted to talk about the “exchange”.

But refused to give me any information about what they would offer until I can give them the model and serial number, AGAIN! Problem is I had the dishwasher overloaded with hand dishes that I had just finished washing.

The woman on the other end immediately accused me of not letting them know it was working. Seriously? What part of hand washed dishes did she not grasp?

I explained to her again and then she gave me a phone number to call back when I was willing to meet her demands. I was also informed that then and only then she would tell me their offer. After that and after I accepted it. It would have to get final approval. After that it would be 7-10 business days. She then hung up before I could say anything more.

So, is this referring to my best buy deal or them finally doing something after 7 weeks? I was afraid to even mention bb to her, if I had been given the chance, for fear they would nix the deal.

She did mention time compensation in her rattle off. Like that will happen, although it has been previously mentioned.

It’s 4 days before my unit is safely installed in my home. I do not want a Whirlpool product ever again and I don’t want to do anything to mess up with bb. Especially since even if I went with Whirpool it would be a minimum of 3 more weeks. Jan who is at 6’s and 7’s in OK