Photo by Dr Lloyd Kwanten

The Bairo Pite Hospital, Healthcare Timor-Leste, was created following a merger between the Bairo Pite Clinic and the Hospital of Hope. 

Founded by Dr Dan Murphy on 26th September 1999, Bairo Pite Hospital – Healthcare Timor-Leste is an in-country partner of the Australian international aid organisation, The Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific (AFAP).

Located in Timor-Leste's capital city of Dili, the Clinic was established to serve the immediate needs of a population affected by the humanitarian crisis.  As the violence subsided, the Bairo Pite Clinic adapted and transformed from an emergency medical service to a more comprehensive community healthcare facility.

Continuing to build on its success, in February 2012, the Bairo Pite Clinic merged with the Hospital of Hope to become the Bairo Pite Hospital (BPH) and today remains one of the most highly visited healthcare providers in the country seeing an average of 200 outpatients, caring for 55 inpatients and 3-4 births per day. Our patients are cared for by 64 Timorese staff, 3 permanent international volunteers, one paid international staff member with a number of visiting international medical students and specialists who volunteer their time and skill.

Dr Dan Murphy's vision and tireless commitment has resulted in the Bairo Pite Hospital becoming a major contributor to healthcare services in Timor-Leste with patients travelling from all corners of the country to receive essential healthcare.

While heavily dependent on donations from individuals and organisations, it is this commitment to provide continuous, reliable, free healthcare to the people of Timor-Leste, often during arduous circumstances and with little or no additional support that has earned this humble yet essential service national and international recognition.