Since we are self-employed technically

14 Apr

Since we are self-employed technically

we could just vote amongst the 2 of us to give ourselves a raise However, we don’t do that just willy nilly. After much thought, prayer and discussion we have decided we need to cut the budget somewhere to accommodate this increase. The only debt we have is our house payment and $1000 loan without credit check at Lend Me. However we do have some “luxuries” in the budget. Dh has the lawn care done every other week. At the rate the man charges, if we cut that area it is not enough. Plus when dh was still doing it he had to split it into 2 sessions. He would do the front yard one day and the back yard the next. I suggested we leave that alone. Besides, we have built up enough in that envelope to cover the rest of the mowing season for this year at our current schedule.

Another luxury we have is having a weekly housekeeper. At a rate of $55/week, it comes to $2860. Divide that by 12 and you get $238/month. We feel we can cut this and be okay. I know it means I have have to start doing the housework again. Since dd still lives at home she will help. We talked this afternoon about dividing up the duties. Depending on how the budget falls out, I am going to try to pay her a little each week for helping out. Yes, I know, she lives here and should help out just because she lives here. It is worth it to me to have the help and she willing to do so. It does not mean we have to give up a housekeeper forever. Just at this moment we have to change what we are doing.

Quite honestly this is probably a good thing in the long run. There have been issues with the housekeeper that I have been unable to resolve. She is perfectly honest, it is not a problem of theft or anything like that. There have been times I have asked her to do something specific on a given day and it goes undone. Also, she loves to organize. That is great, except this … If I tell her that she can organize such and such if she has time, she will make sure she gets the organizing done but leave something else undone that I actually wanted done more than that, such as dusting. I have tried talking to her. I have tried writing it down. I am at a loss of what else to do. There have been times she has texted the day before her scheduled weekly day (or the morning of) and asked to come the next day or early in the next week. I don’t think it’s ever been illness related, just trying to juggle. Sometimes she gets occasional jobs and that person wants her to come on the day she is supposed to do our house. I have never been a fan of rescheduling the regular job for a “once in a blue moon” job. Sometimes I have accommodated her but other times I have not. In particular if it was too inconvenient for me such needing the work done because company was coming, etc. I have really tried never to ask for anything extra that would require her working past her allotted time. I know that some of the problem is mine because I didn’t outline clear enough expectations from the beginning, etc. Anyway, the conversation with her is coming in a few days. Please, if you pray, please pray from me that I do it in such a way that she keeps her dignity and pride, etc. She will receive some severance pay to help tide her over.

17 Feb

They wanted to talk about the “exchange”.

But refused to give me any information about what they would offer until I can give them the model and serial number, AGAIN! Problem is I had the dishwasher overloaded with hand dishes that I had just finished washing.

The woman on the other end immediately accused me of not letting them know it was working. Seriously? What part of hand washed dishes did she not grasp?

I explained to her again and then she gave me a phone number to call back when I was willing to meet her demands. I was also informed that then and only then she would tell me their offer. After that and after I accepted it. It would have to get final approval. After that it would be 7-10 business days. She then hung up before I could say anything more.

So, is this referring to my best buy deal or them finally doing something after 7 weeks? I was afraid to even mention bb to her, if I had been given the chance, for fear they would nix the deal.

She did mention time compensation in her rattle off. Like that will happen, although it has been previously mentioned.

It’s 4 days before my unit is safely installed in my home. I do not want a Whirlpool product ever again and I don’t want to do anything to mess up with bb. Especially since even if I went with Whirpool it would be a minimum of 3 more weeks. Jan who is at 6’s and 7’s in OK

21 Jan

lesson learned

Today I learned that you need to triple, not just double, but triple check online payments with Wells Fargo because if you make an online payment there is ZERO way to cancel it if you are paying from any bank other than WF.

How it happened:

Last month I made a total of $5,000 in additional payments on our second mortgage principal, or so I thought. One of them got posted as going toward my September and October payments. NOT what I wanted. That was an additional principal payment and I was to be autodrafted for the regular Sept and Oct payments. But WF messed it up, despite specific instructions.
Because they calculate interest on the average daily balance I wanted that full $2,000 to be applied to the principal three weeks ago, not interest and then the rest to go against two loan payments spread over two, nearly 3 months.
So since it was a dragon slaying day I called them to get it fixed. They agreed to reapply the payment properly, but because today was the 16 and my draft was suppose to come out on the 15 (the reason I was checking it today) there would be no draft this month and only half of a draft next month, even though we were changing that to principal only.
That made absolutely no sense to me and I argued with her that it would make me look like I skipped a payment even though I would have paid over $6,500 in that time frame. But the girl insisted that was the way it had to be.
Because I had the September payment budgeted and wanted to pay it, because that was why it was budgeted. Ms Ashley, the rep told me to make it just as a principal only payment today and then we’d be covered and the interest difference would be added to the partial October payment, which I would then pay the partial difference as a principal only as well. I told her that I wasn’t sure that would work out right to keep me from being called late. She told me absolutely it would be covered because it was their error.
So as soon as I got off the phone with her I made the payment. Less than 15 minutes later she calls me back and says “don’t do it, they are going to run the autodraft through today.” When I told her I already had she told me to just go ahead and cancel the payment immediately.
3.5 very frustrating hours later I can tell you without a doubt if you make an online payment using something other than a Wells Fargo account there is ZERO way to cancel it. So at that point I have 2 payments coming out of a 1 payment account today. I kicked the side out of the barn and supposedly they finally agreed to cancel the autodraft and agreed that if some how it didn’t get stopped and we go OD they will cover the cost. Now do I believe them?? Nope, moving BEF over to checking tonight to be on the safe side. Then if we see they actually did finally get one stopped I can move it back. Thank God for BEF
What is bad is I plan on paying that second full payment on Friday, just not today.

20 Dec

This week had all three of us going to various doctors to help us prepare for the “big” retirement

We want to absolve any health issues now, so traveling will be more fun in the future. Weall got fairly good health reports, but do have some issues to work on. Mine is stamina and weight. After all I have that zipline trip in my future and I need to be able to climb all those steps and then be a safe weight on the zipline.
Dh is still having trouble with that leg that hospitalized him last December. He is seeing a specialist on it as I type this. Hopefully we can finally get some answers as to the cause and how to prevent future scares. He wants to be able to swim, float trip and other water activities, but can’t until it is safe for that leg.
Ds’ left hand is swollen and tender, x rays and other testing by a doctor says he has overworked it and developed some tendon problems. Nothing horrible, but it is going to take time for him to get it back in full working order. Hmmm strange this happened just as wood cutting season started…hummm.
So all in all we have very minor problems and have a good health outlook in our future. That is cool.
One of the things the three of us are working on/with is the S Health app on our Samsung phones. Be prepared for a blog post review of this app.
It was major grocery shopping again this weekend (boy that month went fast) so ow!! On the grocery budget, but now I don’t have to battle Wal-Mart again for a long time (a month).
Our big entertainment for the week was so simple that many people would go “BORING” but we all enjoyed it. We spent about three hours last night watching the eclipse of the moon or the “Blood Moon” and taking photos until it was too dark to take any further ones. Yep,a blog post is coming.
Financial wise we paid extra on the mortgage, did more research on items we want to purchase before we retire and purchased an app for dh’s tablet that gives elevations for the eastern and western US on all the major highways, and some side roads, as well as low clearance bridges and over passes. All VERY important when you are traveling with a heavy high profile vehicle. Yeah, another review blog post coming soon.
Speaking of blog posts I had two go up this last week, one was part 4 on the Trial Run Series (5 coming soon) and the other was a movie review of Everest.
We made minor progress on the big declutter, but nothing to get excited about.
This week’s plans include more decluttering, preparing for a big family reunion of the Poyner/Carney Clan, another extra payment (or two) on the mortgage, a bit more medical testing, yard work and general day to day living. Oh yeah, and blogging.

17 Nov

Well, I got a job. Does that count?

I phone interviewed for a job in Dallas before we moved here, then I interviewed in person when I arrived. He decided to hire the cheaper person.

That isn’t working out so well for him, so he called back on Wed asked if I was still available, and hired me on Thursday. I started Friday (3 days ago.)

Making $65k a year, which is enough to support the family if DH loses his job. In the meantime, it is enough to pay for all of our stuff getting moved out by the end of October (assuming DH stays employed). Then my goal is to throw literally everything I take home towards getting out of debt. With gazelle intensity, that should be the end of February at the latest.

23 Oct

It’s the small things that make me happy :)

My church just went ‘live’ with an online donations program….and I just made a donation online !!
I’m so excited. It was always so easy to “put off” making donations until “later” because I had to write a check or go to the bank and get cash. So now I get to do it at the same time as I am paying bills.
And BTW— just killed off a $1000 credit card too!

Thanks for letting me share!